-  Our specialty is personal training and we have equipment for all activity levels and ages to give everyone the results they always dreamed of.
- We will conduct a body analysis which provides you with your starting figures (such as weight, body fat percentage, circumferance measurements, etcetera) so that we can figure out exactly what is needed to help you suceed with the exercise program you choose.   
-  Our pricing is more affordable than any other personal training in Livingston County and our service will exceed your expectations.

In-Home Personal Training:
We offer personal training throughout Michigan at just about any location (home, office, outdoors, etcetera), and we will always provide the equipment to give you the best possible workout.

- Our circuit/group training allows clients to participate within small groups and still train in a private setting. The group sizes are kept relatively small so that we can keep the personal feel of the gym. This also allows us to be sure proper form is being maintained and to make adjustments according to all fitness levels so that everyone feels comfortable participating.
- We have certain training times available publicly that can be scheduled for the circuit/group sessions, and we can add any client to an existing session during those available times so there is no need to come with a specific group each time.
- Keep in mind that our gym and training style is very effective and unique so that every time you are here the exercises and structure will be different to keep your body guessing and keep the workouts fun! We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have to modify exercises to get the best results and most variety during the sessions.
Nutrition Advice and Food Log: 
We do whatever it takes to help keep our clients accountable and will help to monitor food intake and track results based on a preset goal and timeline that we create together. We also distribute Optimum Nutrition products so if vitamins or supplements are something that belongs in your diet we can discuss this during your appointment.

Personal Training:
Circuit/Group Training:
Custom Workout Plans:
Nutrition Advice:
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"Absolutely fantastic place to workout. I just began this past week and am already hooked! Everyone here is friendly and the sessions push you to your limit. The facility and the equipment are very up to date. There seems to be endless variety to the different exercises which keeps me interested and coming back for more. Check out this local gem!" - Jessica S.

"Can't say enough great things about the MI Fitness team! Great cardio workouts & totally awesome personal training! Love the challenges I face to do better each time I go. With nudges & encouragement I'm accomplishing my goals!" - Lisa C.
"I love coming to workout here. Such a huge difference being in an environment with no distractions. The one on one that you receive keeps me focused and comfortable. Also, I love the workouts because they are unique and always pushing me." - Kristan S.
"I just started working out here this week after a small nudge from a friend, and I am amazed at how good I feel. The place is so comfortable, the team very welcoming and the workout routines push you with something different every time." - Ruth N.
"The training I am receiving from the Mike at MI Fitness has helped me lose more than 110 lbs. My strength is increasing like crazy, and I'm hooked. I can't speak highly enough of these guys and the training they provide." - Jody C.
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Custom Workout Plans: 
Working with a trainer will offer the best outcome. However, if you are an independent fitness enthusiast we can create a personalized “self-guided” program for you. Based on the equipment you have in your home, or at the gym, we can make sure you are headed down the right path by providing the guidance you have always wanted.

"Excellent trainers with a personal feel. They listen and tailor workouts for your needs. I have chronic low back pain that they've been very mindful of and helped me to build up my core to support my back." - Elizabeth T.

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